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How To Make Pretty Paper Roses

January 29, 2011

Sara and I have been making paper roses for Twilight Artist Collective’s Valentine’s Day window display and decided to make a step-by-step guide for anyone else looking for some festive displays.


Paper (pretty much any kind you want to use)

Scotch Tape


Rubber cement

Water colors (optional)

The first step is to draw out the shapes you will use for the petals. draw as many of the half circle shapes onto the page as can fit and then in any empty space you can draw small shapes that can come in handy later. I drew this out on one sheet and then cut it with many other pages for making many roses.

Next cut out a half circle in the middle. Start with a wider circle and then as the flower gets bigger make is more narrow.

Then put rubber cement on the edge of the half circle and on one edge. Do this on both sides.

Now roll the piece, starting with the side that has the rubber cement. When you get to the end tape it.

Next take another shape, put tape on both ends and wrap it around the last piece.

Keep adding more pieces and then curl the petals

If you get to the size you want but the flower is a little lopsided, use the small pieces to even it out.

Now you have a beautiful rose! but if you are like me and want it to have some color you can paint it with water colors adding a darker color to the edges for a more realistic petal look.

You can also play around with color and materials. We used old book pages glitter and glitter spray.

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