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DIY: Recycled Plastic Bag Hearts

January 29, 2011

If you were ever wondering what to do with all those plastic bags lying around the house we have found a crafty solution!



Plastic Bag (per heart)



Stencil or cardstock to make your own out of

Two sheets of paper


Take a bag with the colors that you want and cut off the bottom part and the top to make a rectangle.


Fold the bag in half twice so that it is 8 ply (8 sheets thick).


Smooth out the plastic bag and put a sheet of paper on each side. Then iron on medium/high heat until the all the layers fuse together.


Use a stencil or draw any shape you want onto the bags and cut it out.


Now you can makes valentines or string them up like we did. Also try layering different kinds of bags for different effects.



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